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      1. Casting & Forge More+

        Chamber heating furnace, electrically heated
        Bogie hearth furnace, electrically heated
        Bogie heat treatment furnace
        Non-ferrous Metal More+

        Chamber tempering furnace
        Pit tempering furnace
        Protective Nitrogen pit tempering furnace
        Enamel Industry More+

        Tunnel type enamel sintering furnace
        Investiment Casting More+

        Continuous shell baking furnace
        Chamber baking furnace
        Shell burning furnace
        Metallurgical Industry More+

        Steel wire spheroidizing annealing furnace
        Brazing/annealing furnace
        Bell annealing furnace

        Jiangsu Jiuding Industrial Furnace Technology Co., Ltd. is a young enterprise with unique ideas on the design and manufacture of industrial furnaces and heat treatment furnaces.


        To provide you with equipment design, process design, suitable for your heat treatment equipment purchase plan, according to your requirement.

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        Address:Huangweiqiao Industrial Park, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province
        Attn:Mr.Steven Lu
        TEL: +86-51186678713
        Fax: +86-511-86697006
        Mob: +86-13961738131
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