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      1. Tunnel type enamel sintering furnace

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        Tunnel type enamel sintering electric furnace energy-saving continuous operation sintering electric furnace, mainly used for enamel industry sintering, enamel decorative board, bathtub, gas stove panel and other large enamel products.
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        The tunnel type enamel sintering furnace shell is welded by steel plate and section steel. The furnace body is made of steel plate and welded into a rectangular shape. The light suspension suspension line can be installed above the top of the furnace. The two sides of the sintering furnace each have two opposite gates. The furnace door can be opened to the maximum, and the opening width can be adjusted according to the width of the workpiece. The furnace lining material adopts 0.6g/cm3 high-strength ultra-lightweight energy-saving microbead refractory thermal insulation brick, and the furnace lining to the furnace shell is provided with ultra-long silicic acid. The aluminum fiber blanket is insulated, and the top and the furnace door are all made of refractory insulation layer with aluminum silicate fiber profiles.

        The enamel sintering furnace lining is made of all-fiber, and is an ultra-energy-saving sintering furnace. The nine micro-computer automatic temperature control electric cabinets are divided into 9 zones to control the temperature, so that the temperature uniformity of the electric furnace is greatly improved, and the temperature is calculated and controlled with high precision. , temperature control accuracy ± 1 ° C. Each temperature control cabinet is equipped with 6 sets of thyristors as non-contact actuators, three voltmeters for each phase voltage, three ammeters for each phase resistance, and various overvoltage and overcurrent protections. And the cooling system, when any one of the resistance wires fails, the instrument and the lamp housing are directly displayed. Each electric cabinet is equipped with an over-temperature alarm function, and is equipped with an XWGJ Zhongyuan electronic potentiometer to automatically record the process temperature.

        Technical Parameters:

        Parameter name Unit Model
        RSD-400-9 RSD-420-9 RSD-500-9
        Rated power KW 400 420 500
        Rated voltage V 380
        Frequency Hz 50
        Phase number Phase 3
        Maximum temperature 900
        Operating temperature 850
        Long mm 12800 5000 Ring 18000
        Width mm 1000 800 750
        High mm 600 2000 1000
        Empty furnace heating time h 3
        Temperature control accuracy ±1
        Temperature control section Area 9
        Furnace temperature uniformity ±5-8
        weight Kg 12000 12000 14000
        Long mm 13200 5600 Ring 18460
        Width mm 1860 2680 1610
        High mm 1343 3400 1743

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